Laddergoat YOU so Random

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood is a Western-themed shooting game, but it’s a lot more famous on the Internet as the game that spawned Ladder Goat. What is Ladder Goat, you ask?


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Part of the sentence “Oh you, Laddergoat, you so random” Comes from a playthrough video of Call of juarez: Bound in blood and the Laddergoat meme is a rage with gamergeeks.

The goat just starts levitating beside the ladder — at first it looks like it’s going to shoot off into space, but then it goes on a ceiling, jumps back to the ground, and repeats the process. This time it actually stumbles as it’s going up, but it quickly gets going again, like a champ.

If you’re planning on watching the original YouTube video, we should probably warn you that about half of it is just the player standing still and laughing uncontrollably. The player takes a moment to collect his wits, then decides to follow the goat up to the roof to find out what’s so interesting up there. At this point he watches as the magical animal comes down to the ground on its invisible escalator, and he promptly loses his shit again.